Tectone’s biography: age, real name, wife, drama, net worth

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One of the areas through which one can make it to fame in the world of today aside from the movie and music industry is the gaming industry which many young people are tapping into.

One of those who have benefitted massively from the gaming industry is Tectone who is a popular Canadian professional player and content creator.

Tectone has made a name for himself in the gaming world, and he is considered a celebrity in that area; he is popular on Twitch and YouTube, where he shares many of his visual content. He is known for playing games like Among us, Genshin Impact, etc.

However, to date, no one knows the real name of Tectone as he has kept that area about his life private.

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There are no details on Tectone’s real name as he has kept that details about his life private, he was however born on the 29 of December 1994 in Toronto, Canada but there are no details who his parents are.

Tectone in one of the video revealed he has a sixteen year old sister, he is a Canadian by birth and celebrated his 28th birthday in December 2021.


The only record on Tectone’s education status is that he finished from Fanshawe College, Ontario, Canada.


Tectone is a Canadian Twitch star, gamer, YouTuber, and social meida star, who made it to the spotlight when he began playing games online and sharing visual content on his YouTube channel launched on December 26th, 2018.

His visual content are known for giving game tips, game instructional exercises and guides. Textone is also known to share videos of himself playing games like Genshin Impact, Apex Legends, and Arknights on his channel, where he has over 700k subscibers.

Tectone has a second channel named Tectone Clips, where he posts cuts from his streams and has more than 106k subscribers, he is also popular on Twitch with massiving followership.

He streams games like Unknown Battlegrounds, Summoners War, Genshin Impact; I’m Only Sleeping, and Just Chatting.

The record revealed that his Twitch account launched in January 2012 has more than 660 thousand followers currently, he also has a presence on Twitter, with around 166.1k followers.

Back in 2014, before he became a popular gamer, Techtone was an actor and has acted in movies like Infinite Black Suitcase and Summertime


Tectone was caught him in a drama with miHoYo, a studio that made the Genshin Impact game. The report revealed that the drama started after miHoYo announced a promotion called Adventurers’ Guild on Twitch launched in November 2021.

The new game required streamers to get KFC-themed wind glider skin and other rewards for their suscribers, which Tectone was not pleased with.

Personal life:

Tectone is in relationship with Fream who is also a content creator online, like her husband, Fream’s real name is unknown.

Net worth:

Tectone is reportedly worth $600k.



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